Monthly Archives: October 2015

Minutes of Meetings and Agendas

We regret that we have been unable to provide the minutes of meetings and details of agendas since those of July 2015. We had hoped that the Parish Council would have put in place the Transparency Code for Smaller Authorities by this stage but that has not yet happened*.

In regard to the publication of agendas, we note with some concern that Section 30 of the Act has yet to be complied with:

30. Smaller authorities should also publish meeting agendas, which are as full and informative as possible, and associated meeting papers not later than three clear days before the meeting to which they relate is taking place.

The purpose of this is to allow members of the public to determine whether there are matters due to be discussed which might be of interest to them and to allow them to attend the relevant meeting if they so wish. We hope that it is the intention of the Parish Council to comply with Section 30 as soon as they are able.

Section 32 of the Act requires that this information is published on-line:

32. The data and information specified in this Code must be published on a website which is publicly accessible free of charge. For example, one way that this requirement could be achieved could be by publishing the data on the smaller authority’s website or that of the billing authority in its area (district or London borough or unitary council).

We have written to the Clerk of the Parish Council for clarification of when the Act might be implemented.


*The Parish Council has produced a website which remains under construction and is not up to date (the last included minutes of meetings being July 2015 and no agendas have been uploaded) however, the website has been published under the misleading and incorrect title of Rushton Spencer. We have had a number of concerns presented to us over the use of this heading. Whilst we fully realise that it is a common practice to refer to the area as a whole as “Rushton Spencer”, we do not believe that is it really necessary to incorrectly refer to the Parish Council as Rushton Spencer Parish Council on the website.

  • It is surely common knowledge that at one time there were two adjacent civil parishes, Rushton Spencer and Rushton James and that the parishes were amalgamated in 1934 to form Rushton Civil Parish.Perhaps we have missed a formal resolution to change the name of the Parish Council? If not, perhaps the name of the Council’s website could be amended to more properly reflect its true and more accurate name?  It is after all Rushton Parish Council and not Rushton Spencer Parish Council. We have asked the Clerk to the Council for an explanation.