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Mill House Garage Macclesfield Road Rushton

We have been notified of the following planning application:


Mill House Garage Macclesfield Road Rushton Spencer Staffordshire SK11 0RS

Demolition of existing former garage/storage shed and ancillary offices, erection of new building to include office accommodation and vehicle maintenance bays with provision of new external works.

Please Note

Rushton Parish Council is NOT the Planning Authority; this is the function of The District Council. The view of the Parish Council does not carry any extra weight (over and above any other resident) nor is it guaranteed to be taken into account when any decision is made by the District Council. The Parish Council is simply invited, by the District Council, to give its views on planning applications. If a planning application affects you, or you have a view which you wish to be taken into consideration by the Planning Officers of the District Council then it is important that you convey that opinion directly to the relevant authority (which is Staffordshire Moorlands District Council). The Parish Council is unable to “pass on” the views of others to the Planning Authority but it may take into account the views of residents of the Parish when deciding upon its own position on any particular application.